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Family Shield Project

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the Peace of Münster, a Euregional project was organized under the auspices of the Postwegen Foundation. Along the old postal route from the castle in Amt Delden (NL) to the Peace Hall in Munster (D), 350 shields of 50 Dutch and German artists were exhibited.

Below an image from the catalog 'Schilden Project 1998' of my contribution that was shown in Münster.

                                                           Schilden Project '98

Devil's Picture Book 

with 4 artists (STIC), playcards, installation

National Museum of Playing Cards, Turnhout (Belgium)  '97

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Queen's Mantles


You play a card game and suddenly you notice that especially the ladies in the game are depicted with different attributes. A mirror, fan or bird. The project started together with Claudia Heinermann ♥️ Jenny de Groot ♠️ and Jos Eeftinck Schattenkerk ♦️  Playing cards were designed, each of us realized an installation and a 'Queen's Room' was set up; a playroom where the dignity of the four majesties was hard to find.

Concept Anir Witt ♣️ 

'BAM' - bike shed 

The Bamshoeve, Enschede, The Netherlands



'Holy Books'


Gallery by the Books  

Ulft, The Netherlands  '96 


I am the way

Secret Diary

'It Criesl' 

'Tolerance' - art exhibition 50 years U.N.
Twente University, Enschede, The Netherlands  '95

Situation: The farthest corner where two beat right angles to placed windows offer a view of the forest. Outside is the water trickling down through the pipettes.


It Criesl-links.jpg

“Since wars begin in the minds                                                                                                                                               left side window

of men, it is in the minds of men

that the defenses of peace must

be constructed.” U.N.

It Criesl-rechts.jpg

"than only I will not scorch,                                                                                                                                                   window right site

poison and flood.

remember it's me who feeds you;

you are merely a passer-by in my whole." Gaia

'Pro Memorie'  is literally and figuratively based on a lost painting by Piet Mondrian. The surface in the canvas, which was converted into a very large carpet, had the size of a grave > Piet Mondrian hated green > PM                                                                                                                 

Cityhall, Hengelo, The Netherlands '94                                             

project  initiative by Pier van Dijk                                                                                  

 The Possibly Unnaturalistic Green 

'A Piece From Your Country'

Mailart Project / Installatie  

In 1989 I sent the invitation to participate in the project 'A Piece From Your Country' to 250 mail art artists; each letter was accompanied by a piece from my country. 

After two years, the entire project is exhibited in the old mill managed by Foundation AG de Molen.

Hengelo, The Netherlands  '92                                                                                                                           Photos by John Brunink                            

Text by invitation to the mail art artists:

This is a piece from my country, I took it from a place neareby my house. Please send me

'a piece from your country'.

It may be any natural piece but give it a place in your art.

Deadline: May 11th 1990;

size free; no return.

The kind and quantityof the pieces sent:

peat 10 / birchbark 14 / snailshell 6 / pampas grass 22 / chive pieces 11 / fungus 5 /  mint leaves 7 / fir-twig 8 / garanium 11 / alga 16 grass 13 / moss 8 / pearblossom 15 / foxglove 6 soil 9 / bird's dirt 9 / sawdust 5 / chinese

lantern 3 / honesty flower 2 / ivy 7 /  fern 12  dandelionfluff 12 / sweetpea 10 /  fieldmouse's dinner remains 3 / oakblossom 18 / reed 17

ice from the pond 7 /  pigeondown 5 /  holly 4    oak leave  6

Piece from your Country - Invitation.jpg