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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Art Foundation Antartica.  

An ice-cube of 30 x 30 x 30 cm, 10 candles are placed and lighted; what remains is a rose in a puddle of water.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands 

                                                Congratulations!  '97


A performance with ice and ash. Man's relationship with nature was portrayed as a 'destructive relationship'. Creative thinking could be a way to a solution. 

Cityhall, Hengelo , The Netherlands                                                     In collaboration with: Composer Erwin Strikker


'Dreams' '93 


'Dreams' '93 


Tidel Movement

At the invitation of the Oerol Festival, this performance was performed on 'Het Groene Strand' in Terschelling. A large drawing of charcoal and salt was made on the wet sand. An offering to the sea, taken by the flood.

Terschelling, The Netherlands

'Tidal Movement' '93 


'Gone Forever'

A 'cemetery' with 40 extinct plant and animal species. Actually only a very small selection from an incredibly long list. Every grave is provided with some flowers .. Except the Homo Sapiens, because there will be no one else who will do this when it ever comes to that.

Opening and closing of 'Almost Hidden', Park Frankendael, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

'Gone forever' '92 

'1.20 M  Above Ground Level' 

At the end of the eighties of the last century, an Art Procession took place several times in the streets of Tilburg (The Netherlands). I took part twice with a 'Portable Landscape', in 1989 with '1.20 M above the Ground Level', which was included in an exhibition afterwards. During that month the green grass has turned yellow.

'1.20 M. above ground level' '89 

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