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A series of assembled works on gress paper, where the creation date and title are part of the work.

Technique: mixed media
Size: 29 x 20 cm



Dream   dream   dream

waves   waves   waves   waves

waves   waves   waves   waves

waves   waves



                                                                                    Phantom pain has many forms



'Still Waters'               Photo collage, with ash, conté, ink and gold leaf.                43 x 33 cm               2021



Photo collage (burned), with ash and charcoal.

43 x 33 cm

2017 - 2023

Even thought the initial spark has been extinguished shreds still glowing.

Rose Garden

Photo collage, with ash, conté and charcoal.

43 x 33 cm


Dream your dreams
Sweet old beauty, dream
Find the rose garden before you wake up

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